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QW – An Excerpt of an Excerpt

Photogenies magazine questionnaire
Does photography teach you something about cinema? Or vice versa?

Agnès Varda
Photography never ceases to instruct me when making films. And cinema reminds me at every instant that it films motion for nothing, since every image becomes a memory, and all memories congeal and set.
In all photography there’s the suspension of movement, which in the end is the refusal of movement. There motion is vain.
In all film there’s the desire to capture the motion of life, to refuse immobility.
But in film the still image is in vain, like the foreboding of a car breakdown, like watching out for death.

-Agnès Varda, “On Photography and Cinema//1984,” The Cinematic: Documents of Contemporary Art, Edited by David Campany.

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Quote of the Week (QW) – Introduction


Quote of the Week (QW) is for photographers, for those who enjoy viewing photography, and for anyone who is interested in visual culture. The aim of Quote of the Week is not to criticize, but to inform, it is a way to allow us to think differently, to practice looking with more depth, and to engage in dialogue. Its purpose is to offer further research and reading, in hope that one will find a deeper understanding and gain knowledge in the ubiquitous practices of photography.

“The time comes when we progress, must go forward, must grow. Else we wither, decay, die. This is as true of photography as for every other human activity in this atom age.  It is more important than ever to assess and value photography in the contemporary world. To understand the now with which photography is essentially concerned, it is necessary to look at its roots, to measure its past achievements, to learn the lessons of its tradition. Let us briefly span its beginnings–they were truly spectacular.”

– Berenice Abbott, “Photography at the Crossroads,” The Education of a Photographer, Edited by Charles H. Traub, Steven Heller, and Adam B. Bell

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