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Blogging Honestly

A part of me does not want this blog. I have several reasons. Like most artists I have a fear of writing. So it seems easier to repost an article that I find interesting or an article that marks importance in the subject of photography and visual arts. Here you will also find links to all my feeds: twitter, flikr, my facebook page, and reposts from my instagram feed via twitter–anything that gets me out of actually writing.

I recently took headshots of a friend, a writer, who wrote about his experience of being photographed and he suggested I update my blog. Let’s be real I hadn’t had any updates since last year. It’s no wonder i don’t have a following. But what I am going to write about? I’m not an expert. At best, and like most people with blogs I am a ‘Noble Amateur’. Noble Amateur? A term I picked up from reading The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen. His book, as he puts it, “[is]…a polemic about the destructive impact of the digital revolution on our culture, economy, and values.” I have only read the intro and chapter one, and I am dismayed by this new information; I am still processing. I was telling a few co-workers what i have already learned from Keen and as one co-worker stated “Stop, you are scaring me!”

From big businesses, big media, public relations and lobbying firms to political groups from the left and the right they are turning to the democratized Web 2.o to use new tactics in advertising by creating fictional characters to make an impression, to sway, even hypnotize us with ‘spook advertisements’ and fabricated blogs as a secondary PR platform that compromise the truth and compromise our trust. In other words, it is a quick way to spew out uhem-cough-cough bullshit. And forget it if it goes viral, once that happens the damage may already be done. On Web 2.0 there’s no fact checking, no expert opinion; it’s ‘user-generated content,’ we are collaborators. We are not passively viewing content, we are the authors creating content. We are the AUTHORITY! True Blood anyone?

I’m torn. I have a foot in it because I have to and I have a foot ready to run.

For now I will have to remain complicit and a contributor to the digital noise. I do although have a goal. My goal is to write, write with honesty, and by doing so my writing will improve. While I am complicit, I want to contribute my thought processes and reflections on readings that may speak to the world we live in, and how that may affect the new body of work I am creating. I want to share my fears as an artist: the anxiety of writing and putting myself out there redundantly using social media. I cannot even begin to tell you the time I feel I am wasting by selflessly promoting my work. I do it with hesitation because I DO NOT want this blog. I now have become one of the 100M bloggers simultaneously talking about ourselves. All of this anxiety and build up will have an outcome: a new body of work and a well written artist statement. Here’s a link a sneak peak to my new work I will present at POST–Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. Just a few works in progress. Just remember I am not an expert, I am a Noble Amateur.

By all means please share, repost, respond, and like this.

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