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Sentences on Photography – Triple Canopy

Sentences on Photography – Triple Canopy.

Sentences on Photography

by Torbjørn Rødland

After rationalism and mysticism—twenty lines.

A print-ready version of this article is available for download (PDF).

  • 1. The muteness of a photograph matters as much as its ability to speak.
  • 2. The juxtaposition of photographs matters as much as the muteness of each.
  • 3. All photography flattens. Objectification is inescapable.
  • 4. Photography cannot secure the integrity of its subject any more than it can satisfy the need to touch or taste.
  • 5. Good ideas are easily bungled.
  • 6. Banal ideas can be rescued by personal investment and beautiful execution.
  • 7. Lacking an appealing surface, a photograph should depict surfaces appealingly.
  • 8. A photograph that refuses to market anything but its own complexities is perverse. Perversion is bliss.
  • 9. A backlit object is a pregnant object.
  • 10. To disregard symbols is to disregard a part of human perception.
  • 11. Photography may employ tools and characteristics of reportage without being reportage.
  • 12. The only photojournalistic images that remain interesting are the ones that produce or evoke myths.
  • 13. A photographer in doubt will get better results than a photographer caught up in the freedom of irony.
  • 14. The aestheticizing eye is a distant eye. The melancholic eye is a distant eye. The ironic eye is a distant eye.
  • 15. One challenge in photography is to outdistance distance. Immersion is key.
  • 16. Irony may be applied in homeopathic doses.
  • 17. A lyrical photograph should be aware of its absurdity. Lyricism grows from awareness.
  • 18. For the photographer, everyone and everything is a model, including the photograph itself.
  • 19. The photography characterized by these sentences is informed by conceptual art.
  • 20. The photography characterized by these sentences is not conceptual photography.

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